"Presbyterians? . . . They stay until it's done!"
-- Overheard at Long Term Recovery Group Meeting
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Want to Help?
Join our AmeriCorps Team!

  ​To apply: Email Christina Drake at christina@pbysouthla.org 
OR call 225-685-7708

AmeriCorps Members
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PSL former AmeriCorps member welcomes a family home. 

The Presbytery of South Louisiana is currently recruiting full-time AmeriCorps members to serve in the 2016-2017 service year! We are looking for individuals with passion and compassion who are motivated about helping displaced families return home after the 2016 Louisiana Flood.  Members will serve at a PSL Hub in Hammond or Baton Rouge, LA.

​   Members serve in one of the following positions:

  • Site Supervisors serve with our Work Partners actively leading the construction efforts of skilled and unskilled volunteers to rebuild clients’ homes.  Site Supervisors also encourage volunteers to return and help spread the word about the enduring needs for disaster recovery efforts.

  • Volunteer Coordinators provide hospitality to volunteers by coordinating their trips, communicating the need and creating an extraordinary volunteer experience that gets people excited about volunteering.
​   Preferred qualifications:
  • Members may be any age over 18!  (We won't mention any names, but someone around here joined at the age of 43!)

  • Members must have a high school diploma or its equivalent

  • Requires commitment of 5 months and 900 hours

  • Comfort working with a variety of people in a faith-based initiative

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • Strong organizational skills, along with the ability to multi-task

  • Demonstrated leadership and decision-making abilities

  • Experience working as a part of a team

  • All members must submit to a background check

  • Members must be prepared to begin service June 19, 2017
  Benefits of AmeriCorps service include

  • Living stipend of $1,253 per month

  • Free health care coverage and child care reimbursement

  • Education award upon successful term completion

  • Forbearance and partial interest payments on eligible student loans

  • Ongoing training and professional development opportunities
  • The priceless rewards of meeting amazing volunteers from around the country and best of all . . . bringing families Home!