"Presbyterians? . . . They stay until it's done!"
-- Overheard at Long Term Recovery Group Meeting
Send donations to:  Presbytery of South Louisiana, 250 S. Foster St., Baton Rouge, LA  70806

Volunteers from First Presbyterian Church, Pensacola, FL

To schedule your volunteer trip, call the PDA Call Center today!  (866) 732-6121

!YOU can make a Difference
For years after Hurricane Katrina, Baton Rouge and many other cities stepped up to help out.  Overnight, Baton Rouge alone became Louisiana's largest city, taking in over 90,000 people displaced by the storm and its grueling aftermath.  Now it's time to pay them back and pay it forward.  Because of the 2016 Louisiana flood, there are over 140,000 people in hotels and temporary housing who want to come Home . . . and not just to Baton Rouge.  Regions like Hammond, Lafayette,  and others covering nearly half the state are in disrepair.  With your help, PSL will rebuild Homes, Hope and Lives.
We can't do it without YOU!​

The Presbytery of South Louisiana (PSL) has been working with Presbyterian Diaster Assistance (PDA) and local partners to establish 3 volunteer Hubs (Hammond, Baton Rouge and Lafayette) in order to effectively meet the needs of the 22-parish geographical span of devastation.  Each Hub will provide both volunteer housing and work site supervision.  Every region desperately needs help.  And that's what we do . . .

We go toward the greatest need

and do everything within our power to meet those needs.  We are excited to offer work teams the following options:

PSL Volunteer Hubs


Baton Rouge


To schedule your volunteer trip, call the PDA Call Center today!   (866) 732-6121