"Presbyterians? . . . They stay until it's done!"
-- Overheard at Long Term Recovery Group Meeting
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Frequently Asked Questions
PSL Flood Recovery
 Read below for questions regarding PSL Flood Recovery, volunteering, housing and trip information. If you can't find your answer here, please submit your question at the bottom of the page, and we'll do our very best to answer it.

How much work is left to do?

Our Baton Rouge and Lafayette area work partners have at least 1 to 2 years of rebuilding cases.  These are the neediest in that all other potential resources have failed and their homes remain unsafe, unsanitiary and unsecured.  As time goes by, their situations are worsened by stress, PTSD and other traumatic life changes.

How do I schedule a volunteer trip with PSL?

After you've reviewed the information on our website, pick several possible trip dates.  Then call our PDA Call Center at 866-732-6121 to schedule your trip. Our Call Center staff can help you identify the Hub that is most appropriate for your group depending upon age, group size and other considerations. Once you have confirmed your trip with the Call Center, you will receive information for your assigned Host Site and Work Partner well iln advance of your trip.

What skill level do volunteers need?

There is no skill requirement for volunteers.  Our site supervisors are experienced and prepared to train the most unskilled team members.  But we're always thrilled to have skilled volunteers as well!

What type of work should volunteers expect to do?

Because we work with volunteers at all skill levels, It is impossible to predict at what stage the home will be prior to your arrival.  However, you can expect to do any of the following:  flooring, baseboard/trim, sheetrock installation, drywall finishing, painting, caulking, building wheelchair ramps and any other needed construction.

What are the largest and smallest group sizes that you will accept?

There is no minimum number of volunteers required; however, PDA does not schedule individuals traveling alone. Keep in mind that in order to achieve any real progress on the homes, a group of 4 or more is preferable. Our Host Sites can typically handle groups of up to 20, but some are able to open up additional space for larger groups. Make sure to ask about group size when you call.

Is there a cost for volunteering or for housing?

PSL believes that every effort should be made to ensure that all who wish to volunteer are able to so. Therefore, we do not require payment from volunteers.  However, there are costs associated with housing volunteers.  We suggest a donation of $20 per night per volunteer to enable us to continue to provide housing. If volunteers are unable to make such a donation, we will welcome them just the same and will be grateful for their service. There are no fees associated with the work site.

Are there any age requirements for volunteers?

PSL welcomes volunteers from age 14 to 100+!  It bears mentioning that you should never believe that you are too old to volunteer!  Whatever your age, because we work on multiple homes, there is always a variety of tasks for people of all ages, skill levels and physical capabilities. Our oldest volunteer to date was a 94-year-old gentleman from Kansas! (Note: Make sure to check the minimum age at both of our hubs, as it may vary by location).

What are the work hours for volunteers?

Our Baton Rouge work hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  In Lafayette volunteer work hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

How are PSL homeowners selected for assistance?

Both PSL and its Work Partners are focused on helping the most vulnerable populations after disaster. Priority is given to low-income families, elderly, disabled and veterans.  

Is volunteer transportation provided?

No.  Volunteer groups must provide their own transportation to and from the airport and work sites.

Where does my PSL donation go?

If you wish to donate to a specific homeowner, host site or work partner, you should specify that with your donation.  General donations to PSL Flood Recovery will be applied to the most urgent needs. Donations to the Host Site providing housing are used for utilities and other direct hospitality costs. Amounts above those costs are applied to our Unmet Needs fund which provides direct materials and other urgent needs for homeowners.

Will we meet the homeowners?

Homeowners are often available while volunteer groups are working.  However, it is important to understand that many are displaced out of town or are moving from house to house until they are able to return home.  Even when this is not the case, many homeowners are at work during volunteer hours.  We encourage volunteers to invite their homeowners to the Community Dinner that is held each week at the Host Sites.

We've already volunteered in New Orleans numerous times after Hurricane Katrina. Why should we come again?

New Orleans was not affected by the 2016 Louisiana Flood, but 22 parishes (nearly half the state) were.  Because the storm had no name and very little publicity nationwide, the tens of thousands of homeowners have had few volunteers to help them rebuild.  Our biggest challenge continues to be the lack of awareness that so much help is needed. These parishes also took in huge numbers of Katrina survivors, doubling and sometimes tripling their population.  Just as they were there for them, these communities now need help.
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