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-- Overheard at Long Term Recovery Group Meeting
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The Storm With No Name
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It was just rain . . . How bad could it be?
August 2016 - I almost missed it.  And I live in Louisiana.  Actually, I was living in New Orleans at the time where we pay pretty close attention to the weather for obvious reasons.  But that muggy Saturday morning, I lazed around my  apartment, binge-watching Netflix, completely oblivious like the rest of the world.  I took a moment to browse a few local headlines to see if anything interesting was happening.  Things looked pretty uneventful, but just before I clicked away from the website, I caught a glimpse of a headline that stopped me in my tracks.  

Red Cross needs volunteers.  Pop-up training classes today and tomorrow for anyone who can help.  

Louisiana was flooding.  Little did we know that over the next 5 days, the water would cover nearly half of the state.  I went.  I stayed.   I saw and I heard the trauma of families who had spent hours in deep water and days in their vehicles without food or water because none of the roads were passable.

You see, this wasn't just a little rainstorm.  The 2016 Louisiana Flood was a bonafide disaster that dumped 6.9 trillion gallons into southern Louisiana.  This Storm With No Name stranded 1,000 motorists on the highway for 2 days, devastated over 150,000 homes in 22 parishes (counties) and left over 200,000 men, women and children homeless.  It meandered down 10 rivers, filling homes with up to 10 feet of water for days after the rain had stopped.  And they weren't ready.  Because, like you, they didn't think that a no-name rainstorm would or could bring such devastation.  Most weren't even in a flood zone.  Someone forgot to tell that to the water.

So please tell everyone that the Storm With No Name was much  more than a rainstorm.  It was a deal breaker that may never get fixed simply because so few across the country even know that it happened, much less the magnitude of the damage.  I still live in Louisiana . . . Baton Rouge, now.  Because help is desperately needed.  Please.  Join me.   Donate.  Volunteer.  Encourage.

​Christina Drake, Disaster Recovery Coordinator
(a.k.a. "The Construction Goddess")
Presbytery of South Louisiana
Feel free to share this video to educate your community about the rebuilding effort in Louisiana.  It is estimated that it will take 2-5 years to recover from the 2016 Louisiana Flood.

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